Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The White Poinsettia

A year ago we had a pretty rough patch in our lives.  My mother had broken her hip in the summer of 2011.  She was moved to a nursing home for rehab and then 7 weeks later we had a decision to make.  She was unable to go to her home where she lived with dad.  My dad had poor vision and mom did the all the chores at home which required vision.  We moved them into a modified assisted living apartment.  She didn't really like it there, but they got cleaning services and a meal a day.  We took care of groceries, laundry and the other household tasks.  They were doing better and adjusting around Thanksgiving of last year.  Then around Christmas, Mom became quite ill and eventually died in January of 2012.  During that Christmas season the people in the complex received White Poinsettias.  After mom passed we moved my dad into our home.  We cleaned out the apartment and I took home the poinsettia.   Half of the plant died, but eventually the other half lived.  After a while the remaining half began thriving and now at Christmas time is starting to bloom.  I believe it symbolizes my mom and dad.  They had been married 65 years.  Half of them died and although it took a long time, the other half is beginning to thrive.  Although my dad misses my mom terribly, he is doing well.

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