Monday, January 14, 2013

An Old "New" Cabinet

This will be one of the many posts I will be writing about my clever husband.  He has no idea how handy he is or maybe he does but doesn't want me to ask him to do anything else.

Eleven years ago when we purchased our home, it needed a lot of work.  One of the first things we did was on the exterior of the house.  It is a log home but for years it had been left in it's natural state.  Although it had a thin layer of insulation between the logs, it didn't have any chinking.  Chinking is used to fill in the narrow space between the logs.  In the old days they used mud and straw but now there is a caulking material that is strong and flexible.  For an entire summer, my husband chinked the entire house.  We also took down all the old fascia boards and replaced them with new ones.  We salvaged all the wood we could and this is what he made...a small television cabinet.  See, I told you he was clever.  

The inserts in the doors are wall lathe that was salvaged from another house we owned.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We put a little TV and a VCR in the cabinet.  It's a perfect little area for my dad to sit and listen to the news or a game.  We also store our bird books underneath for quick reference when we aren't close to the computer.  A sample of interior chinking is seen on the wall behind the cabinet.

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  1. Very nice cabinet and the chinking looks perfect. I was always amazed at Mike's handy work. Mike always was creative and resourceful. It must have taken A LOT OF PATIENCE to do all that chinking. Now you can step back and admire all the work he did and I am sure with A LOT OF PERFECTION. Great job, well done.