Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One Thought Leads to Another-lampshades

The thought process is an interesting thing.  I am probably just like everyone and something that you see sparks a thought that leads you to another totally unrelated thought.  That is what happened to me today.  Well it is kind of related.  I got an email about a craft project.  They took a sweater and cut it to fit over a lampshade.  It was interesting.  I imagine how good it looks depends on the sweater you choose.  I pinned it on Pinterest to remind myself, but I probably will never do such a thing.

While I was thinking about lampshades, I remembered the lampshade that my husband made.  One year he thought he would take a stained glass class.  He went to the first class and instead of coming home with a little suncatcher or ornament, he came home wanting to make a lampshade.  His first project required cutting 204 pieces of glass, putting them together on a foam form and soldering it all together.  I thought he was biting off a lot more than he could chew, but after many weeks, the final product was wonderful. 

Thoughts of this lampshade brought me to another lampshade.  Back in the 1970's, I was a stay at home mom with not a lot of money.  I had a wooden floor lamp that we had picked up at an auction.  We went to auctions a lot in those days and furnished our entire house.  Most of the furniture was oak and we refinished it.  We still have most of the pieces that we purchased back then and most of the furniture store purchases are long gone.  The floor lamp came with a shade and the shape was perfect for the lamp, but it was ripped.  I didn't know where to get another shade of that style and probably couldn't have afforded it either.  So, I stripped off the cover, found some yarn and crocheted a replacement over the wire frame.  This lampshade has been relegated to the lower level, but I have never been able to throw it away. 

 Someday I will talk about some of the treasures we found at auctions and sales.  At least we thought they were treasures, others thought it was just junk.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL lamp, Mike and a great keepsake. Barb, I NEVER thought any of the stuff you got at auction or junk shops was anything but neat. You took us around to some great places. I bet all your oak furniture from years past fits in beautifully in your cabin. Have a wonderful night.