Monday, March 18, 2013

Facebook Problems

What has happened to Facebook?  It doesn't even resemble the Facebook I signed up for 5 years ago.  People used to post what they were doing and how the family was.  Now all you see is sharing cartoons and sayings.  People go through and 'like' everything everyone says.  It is so phoney.   It's too bad. It seems the more the Facebook people try to improve it, the worse it gets. They should have two categories.  One for political, website likes, cartoons and sappy sayings.  All this stuff isn't going to change my politics, make me eat certain foods, love my grandchildren more or any of that.  I used to post some of those things and it either made people angry or I wouldn't get the response I expected.  It should be an option not the dominating thing you see.  The other could be more personal.  I miss many things that I would like to see but I don't have the patience to search everyone individually to see if there is something fun or interesting.  I have close friends and relatives identified, but even they have tons of game requests and other postings that are of no interest to me.  Then all the people who wanted us to hover over their name and check all the things they don't want to share.  The result of that is that I don't see anything these people put on, so what's the point.  Why even be on Facebook.  That's why I am blogging.  Anyone who wants to read what I have to say can log into my blog.  Otherwise I will post a few photos now and then and respond to what I see, but remain mostly 'quiet'.

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