Sunday, March 17, 2013

Timeless Voices

On February 13, 2013,  I wrote a blog post titled My Dad Is A Hero

I told about the interview that took place at the EAA offices in Oshkosh WI.  If you want to read that first, please check out the previous post from about a month ago.

The finished product is available to view.  It is appropriate because 70 years ago today (St. Patrick's Day) my dad left for the war.  He shared his experiences in WWII as a gunner on a B-24.  He did an incredible job and we are so grateful to have this memento.

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  1. Thank you Barb for taking me on your Dad's journey of life. It made me smile and cry. It made me think of my Dad's life, also 88, and the importance of these mens contribution to our present life. My Dad is in the beginning of alzheimers which is sad, both for him and my Mom. Your Dad seems quite WITH IT and looks great. Thanks again for sharing.