Monday, March 4, 2013

Geocaching As One of Our Hobbies

Hopefully this will be the last big snowstorm of the winter or not nearly as bad as predicted earlier.  We do need the moisture desperately but enough is enough.  We didn't have much rain the entire summer and nature has a way of making things even.  I could go on about Global Warming at this point, but I won't.  With Spring brings the thought of one of our favorite hobbies.  We like to Geocache.  Geocaching is an outdoor activity using a GPS device.  There is a website called  If you go to the site, you can sign up for free and then put in the address, town or area you would like to search in.  Listed will be all the spots where some type of container is hidden.  These are called geocaches and the object is to find the cache, retrieve it, sign a log sheet with your username and date and then return it to the exact spot so others can also find it.  We have found caches as small as a watch battery and as large as a 5 quart ice cream bucket.  It has shown us places we would never have known about on our own.  They can be in busy downtown areas, along bike trails or in the forest, in cemeteries and any number of other places.  Sometimes you have to solve puzzles to get the coordinates.  Whenever we travel, we try to find a couple of caches.  We even geocached in London.  There are geocaches placed all around the world.

It is particularly fun to go with our grandchildren.  It is a way to be active and have fun at the same time.  We have done over 750 but many people have searched and logged in 15,000 or more.  The last couple years we haven't done many, but hopefully this year we will be able to do more.  I will probably blog about some interesting places we find in the future.

Here is grandpa stomping through the woods with some of the grand kids last fall.

There was a cache hidden near this bridge.

 and near a quarry

 a covered bridge and

 in cemeteries and millions of other place throughout the world. 

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