Friday, April 19, 2013

Bat Houses

According to my Wildlife Phenology calendar (Wisconsin Wildlife Phenology Calendar), the little brown bat should be making their spring arrival any day now.  The large brown bat returned a couple weeks ago.  I think the little bats should think twice about returning and should stay where they are for now.  The weather here, especially today, is very unpredictable.  Today we had sunshine and blue skies, dark skies with white out conditions from blowing snow showers and very strong winds.  All in one day.  The bats eat their weight in mosquitoes and other insects, which I don't think are very plentiful yet. 

We have two bat houses.  It is a place for the bats to spend the day and then in the evening they go out for food.  Even though many people don't like bats, they are very useful.  Having the bat houses on our garages makes me hopeful that they will stay there and not come into our house.  The thought of waking up to a bat flying through the house gives me the shivers.  I like them outside only.

Bat House mounted on peak of the garage

Different style bat house mounted on old garage
We have had these bat houses for many years.  We know when they are being used because we can see bat droppings on the ground under these houses.  The mosquito population is quite high on the marsh.  We need the bats to control that population.  We also have Tree Swallows that also eat a lot of mosquitoes.  I will talk about them some time soon.  I have seen a few but they haven't returned in large numbers yet.  

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