Thursday, April 18, 2013

Working Under Pressure

 Early in the week my daughter said that my granddaughter needed to dress up as a nun for a medieval fair.  They wanted me to look for a long black dress or something she could use.  On my trip to the thrift store on Monday, I found a long skirt but that was all I found.  Then Tuesday I had to pick the kids up from school but we didn't talk about the nun costume.  I didn't ask because I was hoping they would figure it out.  I have made so many halloween costumes over the years and frankly I thought I was done with that.  I was wrong.  They hadn't figured it out and wanted me to make a nun's head cover by tonight.  They did have some black fabric.  I didn't have any idea where to start.  I looked online but nothing made sense.  Because I don't work well under pressure, I panicked a little and then just started cutting and sewing.  I ended up cutting a square and sewing a white strip on one side.  A white bandana, turtle neck and a graduation gown.  I think it will do.

Not the best job but I got it done. 

Grand daughter in costume

There was nothing else exciting happening today.  Just the usual...went to the store and bank, made soup, cut up strawberries, did a load of laundry etc. etc. etc.  It was another rainy day with cool temperatures.  Even the bunny rabbits are confused this Spring.  This one came up on the steps and began chewing on the door mat.  It looks like brown grass and he was chewing away.  They must not have any taste buds.

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