Friday, June 14, 2013

Baby Birds in Jeopardy

Today was an exciting day on the home front.  My sister is visiting and we were just sitting around talking, when we heard a terrible racket outside.  A pair of robins were clearly agitated.  They had a nest right on the corner of our front porch.  The babies were growing and doing very well.

Baby robins begging for food.

We looked up and saw a snake slithering down into the nest.  The parents were doing their best to chase it away, but it wasn't working.  I took a stick and tried the hook it so I could put the snake on the ground.  It just coiled up again and waited to go after the birds again.  It wasn't a big snake.

Mama Robin looking up to see if the snake was coming back.

Here she was peeping and peeping for help.

While the snake was waiting to attack again, the mother robin got one of the babies to leave the nest.  She tried with the others but they wouldn't cooperate.  They are still in the nest.  Maybe they will leave in the morning. 

Baby robin wondering if he made the right decision.

The snake moved in again and again I tried to chase it away and so did the mama robin.

Stand off between the robin and the coiled snake.

Snake is at it again.

 I gave the robin some worms so she could stay near the nest and not have to go out and find food.

Robin picking up a worm.

Then tonight at 8:30 the peeping started all over again.  I think the snake is back but I can't see it.  Hopefully the birds will be able to get some rest and won't get attacked overnight.  I will let you know what happens. 

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  1. OH MY! What a dramatic moment and along came Barb to the rescue! I sure hope they made it and thank you for the awesome pictures that described the moment. Loved it!