Sunday, June 9, 2013

Grandchildren are a Joy

Ewan saw this fire engine for sale.  He wanted me to buy it for him.

In the past few weeks I have talked a little about my grandchildren.  I have five of them.  The youngest is named Ewan.  The Doctor thought Ewan was going to be a girl.  My daughter even had a girly shower thrown for her and the baby.  Then late on March 31, 2010, a beautiful baby boy was born.  It was very close to April Fools Day, and we thought our son in law was joking.  He wasn't and everyone was just so happy that baby and mom were healthy.

Ewan just a few minutes old.

Ewan is three now, and he is completely enthralled with firemen and firetrucks.  He wears the hat most of the time.

He pretends to be a fireman a lot. 

Here he is learning to slide down the pole.

He is learning to drive so he can get to the fire station quickly.  I wonder how he learned to back up with that technique. He needs a little practice steering, but that will come.

He looks for fire stations where ever he is.  He was very impressed that the Princeton Fire Department had two big doors to the garage that stores the engines. 

While visiting St. Germain Wisconsin with his other grandparents, Ewan found the Fire Department.

He really likes mechanical things.  He even got to drive Grandpa Wayne's boat.

I love that all the kids have their own unique personalities.  Dylan is Ewan's brother.  When he was little he loved Thomas the Tank Engine.  He played for hours with all the little trains.

Dylan playing with Thomas and his train friends.

The two other grandson's liked super heroes and dressed up like spiderman or superman.  They jumped around and pretended to have super powers.

Jack as Spiderman

Sam liked super heroes, but he also liked to dress up as a cowboy or a pirate.

Sam as a cowboy.
Sam looks like a tired pirate.

Then there is Melissa.  She is our only grandaughter. 

She took dance lessons.

and cheered,

 and she could use her imagination in so many ways.  I think she is trying to catch butterflies or birds.  Fortunately she didn't catch anything.  She didn't know it but I was rooting for the butterflies and birds.

Now they all have electronic devices that consume them at times.  It's too bad that innocence passes so quickly. 

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