Sunday, June 2, 2013

Piano Recital

Today my eleven year old grandson Dylan had his first piano recital.  He has only been taking lessons for six months but he definitely has "the gift".  I think he was born musical.  His pitch is right on.  He doesn't get that from my husband or myself.  I can hear it and feel it, but I don't sound good to others, only myself.   I can whistle tunes though.  My husband is tone deaf.  He is so bad that he can't even feel it or hear it.

 My mother (his great grandma) was smiling down on him from heaven while he was playing today.  She could play the piano by ear.  She grew up in a big family, and they entertained themselves by singing and playing the piano.  My mom would play the white keys and her brother would play the black keys.  Then the others would sing along.  Her sister actually was offered a singing contract but chose to get married instead.  My mom played the clarinet in high school and could play that by ear also.  When they were marching or having a concert her band director would tell her to at least pretend to look at the music.  Dylan did the same thing during the recital today.   He wasn't even looking at the music.  The difference is that he can actually read the music.   He plays the saxophone as well.  The last song he played was his own composition.  The piano teacher said that he had never, in all his years of teaching, had a student compose a song. 

Dylan is very special and as you can tell I am really proud of him.  He is always happy and interested in so many things.  The other day he explained the 38th parallel and north and south Korea to me.  He does math in his head faster than I can on paper.  In fact, faster than I can with a calculator.  He makes movies and edits them.  The best part is that he is a kid too.  He plays and has lots of friends.  Even if I am his grandma, I know he has a very bright future.  

All the student participating in the recital with their teacher.

Dylan getting his certificate.


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