Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Time of Year For Deer/Car Crashes

Today was a fairly normal day.  Then late in the afternoon, we had to go pick up our car from the shop.  After stopping to have some dinner at a Mexican restaurant, we headed home.   On the way home,  I followed my husband who was driving our truck.  He was being a little speedy, so I just kept a good pace and fell back a little.  As I was going down the highway, I noticed a deer very close to the road.  I noted that their color had changed.  They weren't as dark as they are in the winter.  Then I remembered that I heard on the news that this was the worse time of year for deer/car crashes.  As I was having this thought, BAM!  A deer came across the highway and ran into the rear end of our car.  After the thud, I looked into the rear view mirror and saw the deer drop to his knees and get up again.  He ran off across the field.  I guess he was alright and I hoped the car was too.  I called my husband and he turned around.  I had pulled into a wayside to wait.  I checked out the damage.  There wasn't any that I could see, thank goodness.  This is all I saw.  A little deer hair under the door handle and a little mud on the fender.

I was very very lucky.  If I would have kept up with our truck, I would have avoided the whole thing or not.  My mother once said that you shouldn't drive any faster than your guardian angel can fly.  I think she read that on a bumper sticker, but maybe if I would have been going faster something worse would have happened.   A few years ago on the day before deer hunting season, a deer crossed two lanes of traffic and hit us.  That time the deer died immediately, and we had a couple thousand dollars worth of damage.  Yes indeed, I was very lucky tonight. 

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