Friday, June 28, 2013

Strawberry Season in Wisconsin

Although they are about two weeks late, the strawberries are ripe in Wisconsin.  There is a very plentiful crop this year, although the recent rains may have some effect.  My daughter bought a twelve pound box from a strawberry patch near her home.  She didn't have time to deal with all of them, so she brought the rest to me.  I froze most of them and made a bowl of sugared and sliced berries for shortcake or ice cream with the rest.

Freshly picked Strawberries

It took no time at all to take the tops off of the strawberries.  I learned a long time ago that the easiest way to remove the tops is with a straw.  I think my sister's mother in law told her of this process.

Take a drinking straw and push it into the bottom of the strawberry.
Push the straw through and the top pops off.
The top is cleanly off and the little white core from the middle of the berry comes out too.

The only thing left to do was to put the strawberries on cookie sheets and put them into the freezer.  Tomorrow I will put the individually frozen berries in bags and return them to the freezer for later.

Frozen berries

Now it's time to eat an ice cream sundae.

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