Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Than A Storage Chest, It's a Family Heirloom

We have been going through our garages looking for things to put in our garage sale.  We found some scraps of wood and pieces from some projects that haven't been finished.  In fact, we moved them to Princeton, stashed them in the workshop and forgot about them.  Finding some of these things, reminded me of another woodworking project that did get finished.  Many years ago, when my youngest daughter started college, she asked her dad to make her a chest to store all of her important belongings.  He really hadn't made anything like that before, but thought that he could give it a try.  He looked through magazines and finally designed a simple chest.  She loved it and over the years has moved it to wherever she lived.  This last weekend she moved it into her son's room.  It still looks great, in fact the patina of the wood is getting even better.  I have blogged about many things that my talented husband has made, and this is another treasure.

Storage chest made by Mike almost 20 years ago.
Front view of cabinet

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