Monday, August 19, 2013

Forming a Lifetime Friendship

For any of you who know my daughter Heather and how she spent last week entertaining the French Fries (as she calls them), you will already know what this blog will be about.

In April of 2012, my grandson Dylan was in fifth grade and ten years old.  His elementary school had an exchange program called French Adventure.  In this program several young French kids came to visit and were paired up with families for a couple weeks.  They went to school and spent all the rest of their time with the family.  Dylan was paired up with a boy named Leo.  They became great friends from the beginning.  Leo fit into my daughters family as if he had known them for all of his life.

Leo and Dylan the first day they met.

After Leo went home, he would call regularly and email.  Through him, they also became friends with the rest of his family.  Then in August of 2012, Dylan, my daughter and son in law traveled to France to spend time with Leo and his family.  They had a wonderful time and plans were made for them to visit Wisconsin this year.  Everything was set for Leo, his sister Margaux and their parents to visit in August.  Then during the winter, Leo's dad got a new job and wasn't able to get time off.  So Leo and his sister traveled alone to Chicago on August 11th, and Heather and Bret picked them up.  They were very tired on the way home to Berlin Wisconsin because there is a seven hour time difference.  They recovered quickly and the next week the kids were shown what life is like in small town Wisconsin.  They come from a large city, so this was a new experience for Margaux.  Leo had experienced some of it the year before.  They went to the Dells for a couple days, went tubing on the Wolf River, got a couple airplane rides from our son in law, went shopping and generally had a fun time.  They mostly ate bacon cheeseburgers and were very put out that we would call our fried potato sticks...French fries.  They were not their idea of real French fries.  They like American candy though.  They brought back the Original Cow Pies that are made in Baraboo, WI for their dad.

They were sad to go home so soon, but Sunday Heather and Dylan took them back to Chicago for the trip home.  Plans are already in the works for another visit next summer.

Dylan, Ewan, Heather, Leo and Margaux

Getting an airplane ride from Bret.
Enjoying the water park.
Driving the go-carts.
Climbing the rock wall.
Riding a four wheeler
Getting ready to go tubing on the Wolf River.
Kids playing in the water is universal.

A Wonderful Memory for Everyone.

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