Friday, August 16, 2013

Bloggers Block

You know that commercial that shows a person who says that they have reached the end of the internet.  I believe I have reached the end of ideas to blog about.  After writing 228 blogs in 8 months,  I am having bloggers block.  I could write more stories about babysitting our grandchildren.  I doubt if anyone is very interested in that. We went to take care of Ewan for a while today and he drove his blue truck to the park.  Of course, we were with him.

Today Ewan drove his blue truck to the park.

While we were at the park, my daughter drove by.  Sam and Jack wanted to get out and play also.  Sarah ran home to put food into the crockpot and left the boys.  Soon everyone (especially me) got so hot, we decided to return home.  Ewan drove and his cousin Jack hitched a ride.  Sam was too big and had to walk.  As you can see, Ewan was taking his job seriously.

Poor Sam didn't fit, he had to walk.

At about 4:00 we headed home because Friday night is the night we go out for fish.  My dad looks forward to it, and it's one night I don't have to cook.  Sound exciting and worthy of writing about, probably not.

I could write about how sad this time of year is.  Our pond dries up.  The flowers start to fade and turn brown.  The birds are loading up on food so they can leave. The bucks have grown their antlers not realizing that soon they will be hunted down for sport.

Our pond is almost dried up leaving us with a mud flat.

The Orioles are so busy eating jelly.

The hummingbird is getting fatter.

The milkweed it starting to wilt and the flowers are dying off.

This buck has at least 8 points, maybe 10. 

I could write more stories about our town, but no one even knows where in the world Princeton is.  If I get a new original idea, I will write about it.  I noticed the same ideas and recipes are making the rounds over and over again so I'm not going to write about that anymore.  I suspect Pinterest is responsible for that.  So if or when I get motivated again, I will be back. 

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