Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Few Blog Updates From This Year

I think today and tomorrow I am going to update you on some of my past posts and what has happened or changed in the past few month.

Back on April 19, 2013,  I wrote about the bat houses that we had set up.  I wasn't sure if they were being used that early but they were.  I have proof as yucky as it is.  I snapped the picture before my husband power washed it off the garage.

Bat guano, yuck.  We did not save it for fertilizer.
Power washing the garage in his big yellow boots.

May 2, 2013 was when our favorite birds arrived.  The Baltimore Orioles come every year around May 1.  This year I didn't see my first one until the 2nd.  Then last week, they left.  I could tell they were loading up for their long journey because they would eat a 32 oz. jar of grape jelly everyday.  Then on September 1 they slowed down.  A few stragglers are left, but now I haven't seen any for a couple days.  The hummingbirds are still here in full force though.

Five Orioles on the feeder at one time

The next thing that should be reported on is the Turtles.  We had holes dug all over in the yard and in the driveway, but I never saw a baby turtle.  Usually we see a couple little ones making their way to the river.  It's been so dry again this summer, that they either didn't hatch or we didn't see them.

Little baby snapping turtle

The Beaver left because of the drought.  They rearranged the landscape and then had to leave.  Now all that is left are the trails they made.

Turtle swimming in the Beaver trail

There is also nothing new on the trail camera.  We have the usual racoons, possums, crows, squirrels and deer.  This years buck has a strange set of antlers.  I doubt if he will adorn anyone's wall.  Hopefully he will be spared this next hunting season.

This is the guy with the strange set of antlers.

The last update for now is the Hydrangeas.  They were just beginning to bloom a few weeks ago and now they are in full bloom.  Anyone nearby who wants to pick some, you are welcome.  If they are picked just before the first frost, they dry beautifully.  The dried ones I have are from two years ago, so I will be replacing them this year.

Hydrangeas in full bloom

Vase of dried hydrangea that are two years old.

Tomorrow I will update you on some of my crafty things and recipes that needed some tweaking. 

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