Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Highground Veterans Memorial-Neillsville, Wisconsin

Today is 9/11, and we are remembering all the people who lost their lives in our nations' tragedy.  We can all remember the moment we heard that planes hit the World Trade Center in New York.  At first I thought it was an accidental plane crash.  Soon we learned that it was an act of terrorism.  The aftermath and the recovery process brought this country together for a while.  If it wasn't for the first responders, firefighters and the police, we would have had many more lives lost.  It is wonderful that communities all over the country are having remembrance celebrations today.

Many people are remembering this day and where they were and how it effected them, but one post that caught my eye came from one of my facebook friends.  This is what she wrote:
As I reflect today I realize how much that day changed our life.  As a service wife, it brought a host of never ending deployments for the last half of my husband's Army career, which brought fear, stress, anger, loneliness, and a dust storm of other issues to deal with while he was away.  I hate what they did to our country that day, And all the things still going on because of that day!!
Because of Michelle's post, I decided to post some photos I took while visiting the Highground Veterans Memorial outside of Neillsville Wisconsin.  If you have never visited, it would be worth your time. They have a lot of events throughout the year that are listed on their website.

The sign you see as you enter this beautiful memorial.

An exact replica of the Liberty Bell in PA.

"Let Freedom Ring"

Native American Vietnam Memorial

Korean Tribute honors those from "The Forgotten War"

The Fountain of Tears
At the bottom sits a grieving wife and child with dog tags in her lap.

Ascension of Doves

The WWII Globe.  One side features the European theater and the other side the Pacific theater. 

The stained glass areas duplicate the campaign ribbons for that area of service.  The other side tells the story of "Kilroy Was Here".

Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Tribute titled "Fragments".
This Saturday, September 14, 2013, they will be commemorating the 25th
anniversary of this tribute.  The celebration will begin at 2:00.

If you look carefully you can see the shape of a dove.
It contains some dirt taken from all 72 counties in Wisconsin
plus many other locations throughout the United States.
Effigy Mound pays tribute to POW's and MIA's

The Gold Star to honor families who supported their loved ones who
came home and those who never came home.

       Women Airforce  Service Pilots
                    from World War II

Honoring all Wisconsin women who have served our nation.

A new memorial is being constructed.  It will be a tribute to Wisconsin Persian Gulf veterans.  It will be in the shape of a boot print.  It will be exciting to come back to see it finished.

While we were finishing up a F-16 flew over.  I think it was a training exercise but the timing was perfect and gave me goose bumps. 

We also got information to buy my dad a Legacy Stone.  A legacy stone is a granite brick that is engraved with his name and any other information we choose.  It also includes information in a legacy book which is kept inside the main building.  The stone will be place in the walkway along with many others.

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