Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Today is actually Halloween.  A few days ago I wrote about going trick or treating with our grandchildren.  A few communities celebrated a few days early.

Last Sunday was a beautiful day for the kids but today it is a dreary rainy day.  I feel bad for the kids who want to go out tonight.  Hopefully the rain will be finished by then.  On the positive side, the temperature is quite warm for this time of year.

I did check the trail camera today.  I haven't reported on that for a while.  I didn't see any photos of big foot, big boot or any other ghoulish creatures.
We had the usual array of animals.  We have raccoons, possum, crows, squirrels and deer.  I haven't seen anything very interesting for a while.  I put some corn out so I did see this today.   It was a buck who came at 6:21 pm last night, then four hours later a doe came, then the buck again at 6:35 this morning.  I think it is almost time for the rut so I'm hoping I don't catch any of their shenanigans on the camera.

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