Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rice Pudding

Every now and then I would make rice pudding using different recipes.  My husband isn't a fan so I would make it for myself and my daughters once in a while.  A little over two years ago we moved my parents into an assisted living apartment.  They didn't have much of an appetite for the food they served there, but they loved rice pudding.  My cousin gave me a very good recipe and every week I would make a batch.  The only trouble with the recipe is that you had to stand at the stove and stir for twenty five minutes.  I did this every week for four or five months until my mom passed away.  That is a lot of hours standing by the stove and stirring.

Dish of rice pudding with raisins and sprinkled with a little cinnamon.

After my mom died, dad moved in with us.   He quickly got his appetite back, but he still likes rice pudding.  He calls it his comfort food.  I misplaced the recipe from my cousin because I have a bad habit of writing recipes on any piece of scrap paper that I have at hand, but I remember most of it because I made it so often.  Now I make it in my digital pressure cooker.  I have written about this wonderful appliance many times before.

Rice Pudding

3 cups Cooked Rice (3/4 cups dry rice cooked in 1 1/2 cups water)
3 cups Milk (I use 2% milk)
1/2 cup sugar (a little more if you want it sweeter)
2 Tablespoons butter
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix all the ingredients together and put in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes on low pressure.  Allow the pressure to release naturally.

If you want to stir or don't have a pressure cooker, just mix the ingredients and stir over low heat for 25 minutes until thickened.

The rice pudding will  thicken up as it cools.  I add raisins after it is cooked or the raisins will turn the pudding a tan color if they are cooked with the rice. The good part is that there are no eggs in this recipe.  My dad likes it with more sugar and a little milk warmed in the microwave. 

I made a batch to make sure I had the recipe right.  Yum!

I posted another pressure cooker version of rice pudding here:


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