Monday, December 9, 2013

Dad And His Lucky Sweatshirts

My dad is pretty sharp for his age (89).  He remembers things I can't.  I want to say that he doesn't have as much to keep track of, but I think he just "gets it".  Because of his poor eyesight, he listens and pays attention.  Then he retains the information.  More than once he has had to explain foreign policy to me or the impact of a sports injury on a team.  My mind tends to wander when I watch the news or sports.  Last winter, my sister gave him a Michigan State sweatshirt.  They live in Michigan and are huge sport fans.  He is a Wisconsin fan, but when they are out of the picture he will root for Michigan.  Last Saturday Michigan State played Ohio State in football.  We had gone to the grocery store, and when we returned dad was sitting in his chair with his good luck Spartans sweatshirt on waiting for the game to start.

I guess it worked because Michigan State won the game and is going to the Rose Bowl this year.  We will see if the luck holds on New Years Day.  The next game he watched was the Green Bay Packers.  When he got dressed on Sunday, he put his Green Bay sweatshirt on.


The Packers also managed a win, so it must be the magic in the sweatshirts.  You can bet he will be wearing the appropriate sweatshirt every game day from now on.  That theory will disappear if or when his teams lose, but it's fun to think about.  Right now, he is waiting for the Mike McCarthy show to come on.  Between meals, snacking, his audiobooks and some TV shows, he is always busy and that's a good thing.

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