Friday, December 27, 2013

In Need Of A Roof Rake

Well, we got our wish and got some snow.  It has snowed a little bit everyday.  It's amazing how getting an inch or two of snow everyday accumulates.  Not only do we have to remove the snow from the sidewalk and the driveway, the snow has to be removed from other surfaces as well.   That is why they invented Roof Rakes.  In case you don't live in the northern climates and don't know what they are, here is my husband assembling it.  There are four sections.  One section is the rake and three extensions to make it the length you want.  Actually they call it a rake but it looks more like a backward snow shovel on a stick.

Here is the house showing the snow on the roof.  The people living in this house also have snow on their roof.

Beginning to pull the snow off the roof.

Snow is cleared off until the next big snowfall.

Next project is the deck.

For some reason this deck post has all this snow on it.

The deck is cleared.  Fortunately the snow was light and easy to remove.

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