Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day After Christmas 2013

It's the day after Christmas.  All the work of the last few weeks is over in a few hours .  It's fun though.  The kids get so excited.  I know soon they will be too old to enjoy sitting at Nana and Papa's house, but so far they get excited.  We are always the last stop.  My daughters go to their husbands families on Christmas Eve, then they make sure they are in their own homes for Santa to come on Christmas morning.  When all of that is finished, they come to our house.

Here we go, we're all ready.  This is the calm before the storm.

The first thing we did was get the Christmas card from Grandpa Dux.

Then the Christmas stockings.  Santa puts the stocking stuff in bags so he doesn't disturb the stockings on the mantel.

Superman Ewan got socks and gloves, oh goody goody.  Probably not.

Let the gifts begin....BAZINGA!

Sarah getting new silverware.

Playing with each others toys.  Come on Heather open your presents.

The gifts are opened and most of the kids are downstairs playing with their new toys.

 Ewan and the big boy dads are playing with his new fire station.

It was a great day.  We ate, talked, laughed, played games and relaxed.  Heather and Bret took a long snowshoeing trip around the marsh.  The little dog Piper went too.  She walked the whole way and was covered with ice balls when she got back.

Piper covered with snow.  See her cute sparkly green collar.

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