Sunday, January 19, 2014

Enjoy the Winter Instead of Complaining

We live in Wisconsin.  There is no escaping winter.  Sometimes it is mild and sometimes it is long, snowy and cold.  We live here because we love all four of the seasons.  People complain all the time about the cold, but it isn't something new and there is nothing to do about it but enjoy it.  You have heard the term, "if your handed lemons, you make lemonade".  That is what we do.  It makes the winter more enjoyable.  Instead of wishing your life away, have fun.

Today we stopped at my daughters house.  They were outside playing in the snow.

It's nice to have a sledding hill in your own backyard

Dylan working on the snow fort.

Heather having just as much fun as her boys Ewan and Dylan.

Piper too.

Snowmobiles going up and down the river.

The shark may not be happy with the weather, I believe he is frozen solid.

I also heard from my other daughter this morning.  She spent the morning snowshoeing on one of the many trails available to us.  It looks like she had a great time too. 

Fun, fun, fun

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