Monday, January 20, 2014

It Was A Long Day

Everyone has heard of the dog days of August, but they don't compare to the long days of January.  Yesterday I talked about embracing the winter and enjoying it.  Today I did not practice what I preached.  It was a miserable day.  I got to start it out with giving haircuts to my husband and my dad.  Next and the part I hate the most was toe nail clipping.  Yes I said it.  I have to clip my dad's toe nails.  It ranks right up there with life's most gagging moments. 

My husband is also obviously bored with winter.  The last two weeks he found things to do that usually get overlooked.   He cleaned the freezer we have in the basement.  He found a lot of stuff that was not usable anymore, and reorganized what was left.  He has cataloged every item and wants me to check off the items when I use them.  This way we can keep track of what we have, and what we need to buy.  I'm not sure how diligent I will be at doing it.  We have a lot more room in the freezer now because he took out many many cold packs.  Why we have so many is one of those questions with no answer.

Next thing on the list was organizing tax papers.  It is a job that needs to be done but it makes a big mess.  Of course, my husband has everything organized by date and type.  He has spreadsheets and plastic boxes with everything labeled.  That's the good part.  Everything else is still sitting on the dining room table and needs to be dealt with soon.

I made chili today, went to Dollar General for some new socks and otherwise I was just lazy today.  I was going to make perpetual vanilla extract.  My daughter never buys vanilla because she makes it herself.  All you do is put 3 vanilla beans into a cup of vodka.  You store it in a glass jar for a couple months and then it's ready to use.  I didn't have any vodka or vanilla beans so that stopped that project.  We went to the store to buy the ingredients but vanilla beans are too fancy to sell in my town.  I picked up some other groceries and when we began checking out I saw a gigantic bottle of vodka my husband had put in the cart.  He asked the check out kids if they needed to see his ID.  They said "uh, NO".  I only need a cup and since we don't drink, I will have to make a lot of vanilla.  We aren't teetotalers but we just don't like the taste of booze. 

Thank goodness it is almost bedtime.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting. 

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