Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Talking Watch

It is March 5, 2014 and it is a beautiful sunny day but so deceiving.  The icicles are being formed from the snow melting off the roof and from the inside of the house it looks like a lovely Spring day.   It isn't though, it is cold and windy.

The sun must have some heat in it even with the temp below freezing.

Icicle is even dripping off the birdhouse roof.

Waiting for the real Spring to arrive, I have very little to write about.  Recently I noticed my dad, who is 89 years old, was never quite sure of the time.  He has macular degeneration and has trouble seeing his watch or a clock.  He has a clock which strikes the hour but that doesn't help much.  Sometimes he starts getting ready for bed at 8:00 PM because he thinks it's 10:00.  I got the bright idea to get him a talking clock.  I went to every store I could think of and couldn't find one.  So I went to the go to online store,  I found a watch that had pretty good reviews and spoke the time.

Notice it says Talking Alarm Watch.  He had a little trouble hearing it at first because of the robotic sound to the woman's voice, but eventually learned to understand her.  During the first day, he did fine and took it to his room when he went to bed.  Some time during the night he got it turned upside down and pushed the button to turn on the alarm.  At 2:00 AM the alarm went off, and it went off every 5 minutes until 2:30.  Then it either stopped or he stuck it under a pillow so he couldn't hear it any longer.  Somehow he kept it close so I wouldn't hear it.  I'm a very light sleeper, but I didn't hear it.

My solution was the very versatile Duct Tape.  I covered all the buttons except for the one to push for the time.  It has worked well.  I will have to remove it this weekend to Spring Forward, but that won't be a problem. 

So until I have new bird sightings and pictures of plants peeking through the earth to share, you will have to hear my boring stories of our everyday life. 

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