Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Is Around The Corner (Hopefully)

The snow is melting today and we have seen a few migratory birds return, we have smelled the odor of the farmers getting out onto the fields with scrapings from the barnyard, we have heard the robins and other birds singing and the crows cawing, but we haven't seen the Sandhill Cranes yet.  We heard they are are south of here, so I imagine they will be here soon.

They usually arrive about this time in March.  Usually they arrive on the 9th which is tomorrow.  Last year I wrote about them on the 14th of March.

To help me get through the winter, my daughter bought me this yard ornament of a crane.  I keep it in the house.  It is too nice to put outside and is a reminder of days to come. 

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