Thursday, April 10, 2014

Life Is Not Always Smooth Sailing

The full moon isn't until next week, but you wouldn't know it around here.  We live in this old log cabin with a wonderful setting, but everything doesn't always run smoothly.  We have a septic system which requires having a sump pump in our lower level.  Any water used downstairs goes into a storage tank, and it is pumped up and out to the septic tank.  Last weekend we heard a terrible noise.   We thought it was our dishwasher, but then followed the noise downstairs.  It was the sump pump.  We called our plumber, but he was on vacation.  He suggested that we could call someone else, but we have not had good luck with a few workers we have hired in the past.  We decided to wait for the plumber to return.  As a result, we can't use any water downstairs.  That means I can't do laundry for the week, and we only have one bathroom for the three of us.  Hopefully, when he returns, it will be an easy repair.

Then Tuesday night, I got a call from my daughter.  Our youngest grandson had a 103 degree fever and a cough.  She wondered if I could stay with him Wednesday.  That wasn't a problem.  I arrived at 8:00 am.  Ewan was feeling a little better, but the dog had diarrhea.  Oh goody, goody.  I was worried, but the day went well.  The only incident happened when I was trying to get Ewan to take a nap.  Piper had an accident in the living room which gave me the opportunity to get a stool sample for the vet.  See, everything happens for a reason.  I collected the sample, and put it outside on the back porch.

Spiderman Ewan with dress shoes on.

While upstairs, Ewan didn't want to sleep.  He just turned four and he insists that he never ever gets tired and doesn't need to nap.  As I was laying down with him, he got up to go to the bathroom.  I waited for him and after a while I heard the toilet flush and the water in the sink run.  When he came back, he went directly into his closet.  He pulled out his black dress shoes.  He put them on (on the wrong foot), and I asked him if he was going to tie them.  He said "I just learned how to wipe my own butt, but I haven't learned to tie my shoes yet."

Being with a four year old is so much fun.  They say the cutest things.  Earlier Ewan was telling me all about Gorilla's.  He said that the Daddy Gorilla had metal on his back.  He meant that he was a silverback gorilla.  To him silver equals metal.  I hate to see all these little ones grow up.

As far as the puppy, she has a bacterial infection.  After my daughter got home, she took the sample I collected out to the vet.  That wasn't as easy as it sounded either.  Apparently the baggie of doo doo blew off the back porch, and my daughter couldn't find it.  Then she spotted it in the driveway.  It had blown off the porch, and she had run over it with the car.  So she had to put the broken bag in another bag.   Yucky as it was, she managed to get it tested.

Today everything was back to normal.  I woke up with a headache because I hadn't had enough coffee yesterday, but as soon as I had my first cup, the headache went away.  Ok, I'm addicted and I know it.  Hopefully when the full moon actually does appear, we won't have any more minor problems to deal with. 

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