Monday, April 7, 2014

Cleaning Up The Trumpet Vines

Last summer I wrote about how our Trumpet Vine had taken over the yard.  It is a beautiful plant if it is confined, but it can be very invasive if let to grow uncontrolled.  The Invasive Trumpet Vine

As part of our Spring cleanup, we dug out many many trumpet vine plants from our perennial flower garden.  It was easier to do it now rather than during the active growing season.  After we burned off the garden, it was easy to see the trumpet plants.  The burned off area charred the plants, but the fire wasn't hot enough to eliminate the plants.

The plants had gotten quite large.

You can see how these plants can take over.  These are the roots.  They are very large and strong.

Now that we have eliminated all the trumpet shoots, we will be able to control their growth this summer.  Hopefully that will give the other plants more room to grow.

Beautiful Trumpet Vine
*Update:  It's been two years since we did this cleanup.  Digging out the roots does not work.  The Trumpet plants continued to grow and have almost taken over.  They are beautiful plants and the hummingbirds love the flowers, but I suggest planting them alone in an open area.  This way the new shoots can be mowed off and kept under control. 

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