Sunday, April 13, 2014

What Do April Showers Bring?

If April showers bring May flowers then we should have a boatload of beautiful flowers in a month.  I know, you expected me to say "and then what do Mayflowers bring?  Pilgrims".  I have grandchildren, and I know some of those riddles.  Seriously, we have had a lot of rain in the last two days.  Nobody seems to mind.  I even saw a guy mowing the lawn in the rain.  I saw people raking and acting like it wasn't even raining.  I think people are so grateful that it isn't snowing, and it is washing all the remnants of winter away.  We even had thunder and lightning.  That is a sure sign of a spring/summer storm.  We had two summers without any rain in our rain barrels.  Hopefully this year will be different and the drought will be over.  Of course, we had Spring flooding before and very little rain all summer.

We are having some minor flooding this year but not near as much as other years.

The ducks and birds don't even notice the rain.  They just go about their business just like the people I saw today who were raking, biking and mowing.

Even a rainy day is pretty in it's own way.

It's still raining tonight, but tomorrow it's supposed to clear up.

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