Friday, April 18, 2014

Osprey in Green Lake Wisconsin

I'm not going to write a lot of information about the beautiful Osprey.  The internet has all that, but seeing them in person is amazing.  One of our neighboring communities has an Osprey nest on top of one of the spotlights on their baseball diamond.  It is a big nest, and this is the third year they have nested in this spot.  Apparently the lights of the ball diamond doesn't bother them.   We stopped by this week, but I didn't see the bird.  It was a dreary rainy day so the bird was either snuggled down in the nest or out looking for food. This is a link for the Osprey cam.

They also have a Facebook page.

This is the nest we saw on April 14, 2014,  but there was no Osprey in sight.

This photo was taken by a member of the Green Lake Conservancy this Spring.

We have seen Osprey in the trees outside our windows but they are pretty illusive, and I haven't gotten a good photo yet.  A year ago I blogged a picture and that is as good as I can get so far.  Click on the link below to see the April 8, 2013 blog post.

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