Monday, April 21, 2014

A Trip To The Pottery Shop

The week before Easter was Spring break for my grandchildren.  As a special treat my daughter's took the older kids to Medieval Times in Illinois.  They had a great time but the two younger ones had to stay home.  I've written about Jack several times.  He is a character and knew that he was missing some special time with his mom.  So last Wednesday my daughter and I took him to Wisconsin Dells.  We went to the Pottery Shop.  I believe they have them all over the country.  You go in, pick out a piece you want to paint, paint it with all the furnished equipment and then leave it to be fired.  You can pick up the finished piece or have it shipped to you.

They have a lot of pieces to paint. 

He picked out his pieces and got to work.

He chose a little Shark.

He only dropped it once and the fin got chipped, but it doesn't show.

Next was an ice cream bowl.

I bet he will even eat his cereal out of this bowl.

My daughter worked on her own project.

Before the mug went in the kiln.

It's amazing how the colors pop.

The funniest part of the day was the family friendly bathroom.
We had a great day.

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