Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Dream Home In The Making

About a month ago, my son in law was coming home from work.  I'm not quite clear how this happened so fast, but he had learned that there was an old farmhouse for sale about half way between work and their present home.  He took a little detour and drove by.  Before we knew it my daughter called and said they found a house they wanted us to look at.  I think they had already decided to buy it.  When we met them to look, we recognized the place.  Our other daughter had almost bought this home more than ten years ago.  This new house has been empty for two years, and it needs a lot of work.  It has tons of charm.

Dining room with tin ceiling.

Open unpainted staircase

A giant sized pole barn for all my son in laws hobbies.
To make this long story shorter, they made an offer and two weeks ago they closed the deal.  Then the work began.  They are an amazing energetic young couple and in a short amount of time they have a great start on fixing this house.  Fortunately for them they have a lot of friends who are helping and of course the family.  We aren't as young as we used to be, but we are doing our best.   My husband has a remarkable amount of patience fixing drywall and getting rooms ready for paint.  So far they have
finished painting both boy's bedrooms.  They have finished the dining and living rooms.

Dining room painted.

There is still a lot to do.  The carpet for the bedrooms and new kitchen cabinets have been ordered.  There was wallpaper in the kitchen and the master bedroom.  That has been removed, and those rooms will be painted soon.

This kitchen will be gutted and all the cabinets and flooring will be replaced.

Master bath needs some tile.

The previous owners really liked pink.  Most of the rooms have shades of it.

The yard has many huge trees, flower gardens, fruit trees and nice stone work.  Hours have been spent so far pulling weeds.  The previous owners had horses so all the fencing has been removed plus they have already planted a garden.  It will be a wonderful home once the projects are completed.  Then hopefully their present home will sell fast, and they will be able to have many wonderful years in this home.

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