Monday, June 2, 2014

The Little White Tail Deer We Call "Limpy"

Although not as dangerous as hunting season, this is a very dangerous time of year for the white tail deer in our area.  It is the time of year when the female deer sends their yearlings off into the world to take care of themselves.  The females have to prepare to give birth and raise the new fawn or in some cases fawns.  We see a lot of twin deer in the summer, sometimes we even see triplets.  The deer aren't paying attention and so it is a bad time of year for deer/car crashes.  It was almost a year ago that I hit a deer.

I have written about our resident deer we call Limpy.  She was either injured at some point in her life, or she was born with a defect to her right hind leg.  All winter she would show up.  We put out just enough corn to help but not enough to have the deer totally depend on us.  Limpy would either tag along with other deer or just show up alone.  We worried about her all winter because she wasn't as agile as the rest.  Somehow she made it through the brutal cold temperatures.  This is a short video of her from last winter.

On the last few trail camera pictures she appears to be pregnant.  We will be watching carefully for a baby.

This is Limpy about 4 days ago.

This view you can see the belly but most of all you can see her malformed leg.

Last night she appeared quite a bit thinner.  If the baby survived it is probably tucked back in the trees.

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