Wednesday, July 30, 2014

EAA Kenny Loggins Concert

Can you recognize this singer?  If you look close you will see it is Kenny Loggins.  It is hard to believe he is now 66 years old.  I thought I was the only one who got older.  We don't think of others including famous people aging.  He still sounds great.

Kenny Loggins on stage.

We don't get out much anymore.  We take care my dad who will be 90 in November.  He doesn't require much personal care, but he can not see well enough to prepare any meals or even answer the phone.  We really can't leave him for any period of time.  Tonight we had a chance to see a Kenny Loggins concert at the Air Venture in Oshkosh.  In order to do this, we got Dad a babysitter or as we call it an elder sitter.  We had our granddaughter, who is almost 14, come to take care of him.  She made him a TV dinner and got him his 9:00 pm snack.  We were able to leave in the middle of the afternoon and not get home until ten.  It was fantastic not to have to worry.

We parked the car and headed into the grounds.  There were a lot of people, but it is a very well organized event so it didn't seem overwhelming.  We found where we were going with the help of our grandson, Dylan.  He has been there many times and knows the area very well.  We found the spot and set up our lawn chairs.

Target must have sold out of adult sized lawn chairs.  We got a kick out of this.

Then we sat and waited.  There was an air show going on.  It is amazing to see the precision of these pilots.

We also saw an Osprey.  The Osprey can take off and land both vertically and with a short takeoff and landing.   It is designed to function as a conventional helicopter and a higher speed aircraft. 

There was a lot going on.  Just watching people was very entertaining.  It is amazing to me that everyone has a head with eyes, nose and mouth, but everyone looks different.  If you think about it, how many combinations could there possibly be.  I can tell you, there are millions and millions.

We had a pretty good view of the stage.

Kenny Loggins and the Blue Sky Riders Band

We were confused at first because Kenny Loggins came out with a band named the Blue Sky Riders.  Then they started playing and I thought this wasn't the music I was familiar with.   Loggins told the crowd that forming this band gave him an opportunity to creatively change.  The Blue Sky Riders played the first set.  Then later Kenny Loggins played solo with many of the songs we were familiar with.  It was great.  A little loud at times but that's just my age.  The concert was a lot of fun. 

As the concert was coming to a close, they were setting up several hot air balloons.  I imagine they were going to take off together later.  They were beautiful.

Thanks Bret and Heather
and of course Melissa

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