Friday, August 1, 2014

Piper Makes A Friend

This is Piper our grand dog.  She is a cockapoo and is almost a year old.
We are taking care of our grand dog this week.  We haven't had a dog for three years.  The first couple days were challenging.  She ate great grandpa's Metamucil cookies and a cereal bar that I had laid out for morning.  She took a couple cough drops from the bedside table to play with and toss around.  The waste baskets and kleenex boxes were a special treat.  She really is a darling little dog, but she loses her hearing when she sees a squirrel or a rabbit.  For her own safety we put her on a long tie out.  This way she can roam around, but not get hurt.  The last thing we want is for something to happen to her on our watch.  The other day I heard her barking.  She very seldom barks, so I went to investigate.  Look what she found!

This is a Bull Snake or Pine Snake.

I realize by posting these photos, we will probably never get another visitor to our home.  The truth is, I am very happy having this snake live near the foundation of our house.  It takes care of the mice that come into the area.  I think this snake just had a good meal.  He is looking pretty fat and content.  This snake is not poisonous and is more afraid of us.  Except for his head, he is rather dull in color.  I'm thinking he may be ready to shed his skin.  In fact, we found a snake skin in the yard this morning.  It was all ripped up.  Probably the work of our little doggie guest.  It is good the snake wasn't still in it.

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