Monday, August 4, 2014

The Cabin Gets New Windows

Every summer we seem to find something else that needs to be done to our house.  After the brutally cold winter we had, we realized our windows needed replacing.  There was a lot of heat loss through our old windows.  Fortunately we found someone who does replacement windows and he lives in our neighborhood.  He is the same person who has the Bobcat and brought in the gravel for our car port canopy project.  He seemed like a very good worker.

I was a little nervous because we have had some doozies come to work for us.  Once we hired a guy to stain some interior walls.  The odor of the varnish was so strong we left while they were working.  When we returned home the guy had taken the curtain rods off the windows, put them on our bed, and stood on the bed instead of using a ladder.  He must have stood on the curtain rods because they were bent.  He burnt a couple holes in the carpet.  Can you imagine smoking and using flammable varnish?  We are lucky the house didn't go up in flames.  He also varnished around the step railings getting varnish on the carpeting.  We were not happy.  He did take some money off the final bill.  He said he didn't put the burn holes in the carpet, and he blamed his helper for all the problems.  The guy died shortly after he worked for us.  No we didn't have anything to do with that.  I think his guilt and life style did that.

I got off topic here, back to the windows.  This has been a good experience.  We had eight windows replaced.  The guy we hired is efficient and very tidy.  He brought in his supplies and went right to work with his son.

The poor guy got interrupted several times with rain storms.  They would start out with a bright sunny day and then the black clouds would roll in and it would rain.  Fortunately he lives close by and could come back to continue working.

The windows are in and the outside is wrapped in aluminum.  They are completely maintenance free.  It will be interesting to see the difference next winter.  Hopefully the winter will be warmer than last year, but if it isn't, we are prepared.

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