Saturday, August 9, 2014

Invasion Of The Wild Morning Glory

I wrote earlier about our daughter buying a house in the country.  The home had been empty for quite some time so the area was quite over grown.  Many of us worked trying to pull the weeds and leave behind what we could identify as the good plants.  The previous owners had taken special care in planting a lot of wonderful things.  As the summer progressed, plants started blooming.  There is a wire fence around a brick patio.  A foliage was filling in to cover the fence.  At first this plant looked like a beautiful climbing vine.  We decided to let it grow to see what it was.

We visited the country house yesterday.  As I looked around, I saw wild Morning Glories were taking over.  The climbing vine turned out to be climbing wild Morning Glories.  They were everywhere.  They were on the fence, on the ground, in the vegetable garden and climbing across the grass.

They are even growing between the bricks of the patio.

This plant reminds me of the Trumpet Vine I wrote about last year.  The Trumpet Vines are so pretty but looks are deceiving.  They are actually invasive plants and great care has to be taken as to where they should be planted.  Like the Trumpet Vine, the Morning Glory can be invasive.  This Morning Glory would look so nice confined to an old silo or shed.

We tried to clean up and control the Trumpet Vines climbing all over everything.  I thought we were successful.

We were not.  They are back and taking over the perennial garden.  I think it will take several years to control them, if we ever do.  I'm afraid that will be the case with these Morning Glories.  I thought it would be nice to include them in my flower garden, but I better leave them alone.  Even though they are really pretty and colorful, I don't want to open that can of worms at my house.  The Trumpet Vines are also pretty and colorful, but they are more than I can handle.

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