Friday, October 24, 2014

Someone Is Duck Hunting

Today turned out to be a very nice fall day in spite of the rainy, foggy conditions of yesterday and this morning.  We had a strange thing happen yesterday about dinner time.  The door bell rang, and it was a policeman.  He was wondering if I had heard gun shots.  I was outside earlier and the geese were being very loud.  They were coming in for a landing in large numbers.  Suddenly I heard a very loud gun shot.  The geese became totally silent.  Then in a few minutes they started honking again.  Apparently someone was duck hunting nearby.  Most of our land is in the city and hunting isn't allowed.  The police asked a few questions about property lines.  I think he figured out quickly that we weren't the ones doing the hunting and that we wanted to protect the ducks, geese and Sandhill cranes.  He told me to keep an eye out for anyone who was illegally hunting.

Geese at dusk.  They land in large numbers the darker it gets.  You can hear them honking into the night.

Other than that incident, I enjoyed the day.   Also I was happy to discover who was eating my outside decorations.  I have lost several small pumpkins and a couple cobs of corn.

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