Saturday, October 25, 2014

Unique Craft Sale Purchases

I went to a craft sale last weekend and love what I bought.  I am always amazed at the talent some people have.  Dylan's other Grandmother has a yearly sale, and I am always surprised how she comes up with different unique ideas.  My purchases included a bowl made out of a rhubarb leaf.  She uses a mixture of  Portland cement, sand and a conditioner and mixes it together with water.  Then somehow uses the leaf as a form.  When it is dry, the finished product looks like the leaf.  It is painted and sealed.  I will use it indoors for a bowl, but it can also be used as a bird bath or other outside decoration.

I also bought a smaller one to display with my other fall decorations.  This one is made from a Grape leaf.  She had some made from a Hosta leaf and a Canna Lily leaf.  She said next Spring she would show me the process.  I am looking forward to seeing how this is done.  If I am still blogging in the Spring, I will share the technique.  If you want to see more of what she makes check out her Facebook page.

I asked her about where I could get some bittersweet, and I was given a big bunch and a couple plants.  I hope they grow.  I put some sprigs in my pine cone wreath.  I haven't decided what to do with the rest yet, but I think it is beautiful.  It was a very nice thing for her to do.  Maybe next year I will be harvesting my own bittersweet. 

I bought this saying she painted on canvas too.

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