Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fox On The Trail Camera

It is almost two years since I started blogging.  Living where we do in Wisconsin,  the seasons and wildlife have a way of repeating themselves.  Sometimes it is difficult to find new things to blog about.  Although this life may not be appealing to most people, it works for us.  We have to entertain ourselves at times.  In January of 2013 I had another slow blogging week without much to talk about.  In the blog I showed photos from our trail camera.  I discovered for the first time a headless creature in big boots.

Well the Big Boot creature is back and in living color.  She is even brave enough to appear in broad daylight without the cover of darkness.

Last night we had the usual animals appear on camera, but in addition, there were these photos.  We usually don't see the fox during spring, summer or fall.  They appear regularly after a good snow cover.   I imagine they have to broaden their hunting area to survive.  These appeared last night.

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