Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

 Christmas 2014 is in the books. 

 It was a bit strange without any snow this year.  Most years our daughters and families go snowshoeing.  This couldn't happen this year.  In fact today, it looks more like Thanksgiving Day.

Other years we have had plenty of snow.

This year there was no snow or ice.  Even the sun came out briefly.

Everyone had plenty of surprises.  Melissa, our only granddaughter, is into Sherlock so most of her gifts were centered around that theme.  When a fourteen year old appears interested in something, everyone jumps on that idea.

Then there are all the boys and their interests.  Dylan and Sam love Legos and comic books.  They talk about DC and Marvel.  They talk about movies and characters I have never heard of.   Guess what they got?  Yup, items related to comics and legos.

Sam did get outside to play with his new pogo stick.  Six year old Jack got one too.  No snow and mild temperatures made it possible to try them out.  In fact, everyone tried them out.  Well, I didn't and neither did my husband.  I was afraid I would injure myself, and we definitely exceeded the weight limit.

Sam jumped 153 times the last I heard.

Our daughter Heather and grandson Jack trying to jump.

Daughter Sarah and son in law Bret also got in the act.

Next it was time for the two youngest grand boys to try out the Radio Flyer Cyclones they got.  These are also outside toys.  I heard many times about the kids having too many toys.  I figured something to play with outside was a good thing.  The adults didn't fit in these, or they would have certainly tried them out.

We also had some funny gifts.  We bought an old RV last summer.  We thought it would be fun to get out and camp without sleeping in a tent.  It was also important that it had a bathroom.  We haven't used it.  Our daughter thought it would be funny to give us this.

The kit contained state park stickers, games and a campfire cookbook.  Hopefully this will inspire us to hit the road next summer.

Heather even got a NSYNC CD.  It shows her age, but I doubt she cares.

Sarah and family played the mustache game.
Now it's Christmas evening.  Everyone has gone home.  We ate too much, we laughed a lot, we played and had a wonderful day.  I got some fantastic gifts.  As of this moment, I feel that I will never be hungry again.  I imagine in a couple hours I will feel quite different.  I won't be logging my calories in today.  I hope everyone had an equally enjoyable day.  I know some did not, and I hope  their day was pleasant enough.  My heart breaks for them and really can not understand how unfair life is at times.  I pray that some day everyone can experience the fun and joy we felt today.

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