Sunday, December 21, 2014

Knit Some Slippers For A Last Minute Gift

It doesn't look like I am going to get one of the gifts I ordered.  I ordered two items from an online store.  I received one of them, but the other was backordered.  I am pretty sure I won't get it in time for Christmas.  I like to keep things even with the kids.   To keep the number of packages equal I decided to make these slippers, just in case.  They won't come close to the original gift, but it's better than nothing.  I took a knitted slipper pattern that I have made before.  I modified it a little.

Slippers (Will fit small adult)
Size can be changed with the number of stitches cast on.

On a size 10 knitting needle cast on (CO) 30 stitches with a double strand of worsted yarn
Knit 1, purl 1 across.
Repeat this ribbing row for 24 rows

I use a row counter to keep track of my rows knitted.

Change to double pointed needles, join and start knitting around for 6 more rounds in the ribbing pattern.  Total of 30 rows from start.

If you would rather not join to form a circle, you could continue to knit flat but then you would have to seam the top of foot and the toe.  

Form the toe with a plain knit stitch.  If you knit flat, you will have to knit across and purl back.  On double pointed needles you knit every round.  It is shown in the white area.  If you prefer to make a plain slipper, the rib stitch can be continued to the end of the toe.

Row 1: k3, k2 tog., k 4, k2 tog., k 4, k2 tog., k 4, k2 tog., k 4, k2 tog. K2=26 stitches
Row 2-8 knit around
Row 9: K2 together around = 13 st.
Row 10: K2 together around plus 1 st. = 7 st.

Thread needle and pull through toe stitches and secure.

Fold in half and sew back heel seam.

Then with 3 double pointed needles or circular needle, pick up 42 stitches around the top of the slipper. This will make the cuff.  Knit 1, purl 1 around and be sure to place a marker to keep track of the rows.
Knit around for 24 rows and bind off.  If you want to do this flat, don't seam the back heel, pick up the stitches and knit cuff.  Then seam the back of heel and cuff.

This is the cuff shown using a 12 inch circular needle.

If you decide to put in a stripe remember the cuff folds over.

To do this stripe,  change color at the marker.  Purl around the whole row in contrasting color.  Slip the marker for the next row resume the rib pattern.  I did this three times before binding off.

After I added some stripes on the top of the cuff, I made some ears, sewed on buttons for eyes, and put on a red mouth.  This is what I got.....a sock monkey.

I need a little work on the mouth.

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