Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Homemade Antibacterial Wipes

One of my decent qualities is that I can usually admit when I am wrong.  Usually is the operative word.  Sometimes, even if I am wrong, I hate to admit it.  Today I am stating that I was wrong.  I said I didn't use paper towels, although I qualified it with not using paper towels very much.  I blogged about buying microfiber towels at the dollar store and using them instead.

That was a year and a half ago but found that the towels were not that absorbent, and they just added to more dirty laundry.  I believe they also just spread the germs around, so I was using paper towels more and more.  I still use the towels I made for wiping my hands and dry dusting, but not for cleaning off the counter or wiping up messes.  Instead I found a blog posted on Facebook and have been using this method instead.

It was from
This blog is full of useful information and recipes.  This person also has several youtube videos.  These towels, resembling the antibacterial wipes sold under several brand names, are easy to make.  I am happy with how they work.  I use a lot less paper toweling this way with a good result.  They are supposedly safe on granite and other surfaces.  So until something better comes along, this what I use.

The first thing you do is find a container with a cover that will hold half a roll of paper toweling.  I found these Lock n Lock square plastic containers at the dollar store.  They are six inches tall and fit the roll perfectly.

The paper towels I use are Viva.  I like the fact you can tear off any size you need.  I think any sturdy paper towel will work.  The less expensive tend to shred so I think paying slightly more is worth it.

The only other supplies you will need are water (I used distilled because I had some), rubbing alcohol and dishwashing soap.

Cut the paper towel roll in half with a kitchen knife.

It is easy to cut the paper toweling with a sharp knife.  Be sure to leave the cardboard center inside the tube for now.  Mix together 12 ounces of water (1 ½ cups), ¼ cup rubbing alcohol and 4 squirts of dishwashing liquid.  Next place the dry toweling in your container and pour the mixed solution over the roll of towels.  Within minutes the towels absorb the liquid and the center cardboard core can be removed easily.

The cardboard center pulls right out.

At this point the towels are ready to use.  Just pull from the center as much as you need.  I find a small piece is usually enough.  I don't even wipe dry.  With the alcohol, it drys quickly.

I used the other half roll to make a cutting board cleaner.  The woman from the blog has a video on cleaning wooden cutting boards.  She uses the same process for making the wipes except she pours on 1 cup white vinegar mixed in 1 cup of water.  Every time she uses the cutting board, she wipes it off with a wipe.  Baby wipes can also be made this way.  The mixture is usually made with mild soap, some aloe vera or vitamin E oil and water.  There a many variations in the recipes but all of them use the same process for making the wipes without using all of the chemicals and preservatives in commercial wipes.  

Would you want this stuff on your babies butt
or yours for that matter?

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  1. Great useful homemade wipes. Sure will try to make my own wipes and let you know the feedback. As i was addicted to using antibacterial wipes for most of the cause this homemade wipes will better works for me. Thanks for sharing.