Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Color Vibe 5K

Sometimes the best days are the ones you don't plan for.  That is what happened to us yesterday, September 12, 2015.  To some this won't seem fun or exciting, but to me it was a perfect day.  We had no time constraints or anything we had to do.  Well, that isn't exactly true, staining the deck is something that should have been done on a perfect fallish day without rain.  Hopefully that can be accomplished today unless we get another offer we can't refuse.

The day started out early.  We left the house at 7:00am to meet our daughter Heather and grandson Dylan.  They were running in a 5K Color Vibe race on the grounds of the EAA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  It was a crisp cool morning so I put on a shirt, a sweatshirt and a light jacket.  Layering is the way to go at this time of year.  We got to the grounds and hundreds of people had already arrived.  I had not expected to see so many enthusiastic people this early in the day.  We were there to observe and take photos.  Little did we know that avoiding all the flying colored powder was going to be our biggest problem.  There was a stage set up and early on people were dancing and getting ready to run/walk.

It appeared that tutu's were the dress of the day.

As it got closer to the time of the race (which was 9:00 am), more and more people arrived.  There were a few thousand participating in all shapes and sizes.  It was a good race because it really isn't a race at all, it isn't even timed.

There were so many people that they had to start them in groups.  Heather and Dylan were in the third wave so it gave us time to get in position before getting trampled by excited people covered with colorful powder.

Ready, Set, GO!

Everyone is covered and they are just getting started. 

After everyone was on there way, we walked over to the finish line.  We knew it would take between thirty and forty minutes for most people to get to the finish line.  One guy finished in twenty minutes but he must have been a "real" runner because most of the people there weren't that serious about anything.

Yay, they finished.

A colorful ending.

It was only 10:10am and time for breakfast.  Little did I know that my day had just begun.  We had planned on attending our middle grandchild Sam's football game, but by the time everyone was cleaned up and fed it was too late.  That will have to be next weekends adventure.  Rather than go home Heather suggested the Corn Maze.  That sounded like a great idea.

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