Thursday, September 17, 2015

Our "Morning Mist" Framed By Kalbarri Picture Framers

Last July when we were on vacation, we stopped to see one of my husband's high school friends.  He now lives in Dandridge, Tennessee after living in Australia for many years.  I had only met Dan once and had never met his wife Leonie.  It was a wonderful visit, and we felt very comfortable with them.  We learned that he had a picture framing business in Australia and was continuing it here in the states.  The name of his business is Kalbarri Picture Framers.  His website is and his Facebook page is  I would recommend looking at the variety of frames he can make out of many different kinds of woods.  He has a very nice set up and an artistic eye.  We were very impressed.

Although I am not a professional photographer, I take a lot of pictures.  We thought it would be nice to have one of my photos framed.  We struggled with which one to choose.  Most of my pictures are of local wildlife, but those aren't very unique.  We thought about a family photo, but the kids change so much that in a year that would be obsolete.  Finally we decided on a picture I took recently from our deck.  Anyone who knows us or has seen my blog photos will recognize the church steeple in many of my pictures.  Off across our marsh is a view of the church.  The photo we chose was at sunrise when the misty fog was beginning to burn off.  I emailed the jpeg to Dan a few weeks ago and chose the type and size we wanted.

When the mail came today, guess what was delivered.  My picture came in this beautiful gorgeous frame.  It is so unique.  It is rustic oak slabwood with the bark still on in this irregular shape.  It is like nothing you can purchase in a store.  Although the photo looks like something you would see in any calendar, to us it is special and the view we see each day. 

Framed photo of our view from the deck.

For those interested, this is the information on the back of the framed picture. 

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