Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pressure Cooker New York Cheesecake

Whoever said pressure cookers were just for making a quick roast or a tough piece of meat were all wrong.  These days pressure cookers (or instant pots) can be used to make almost anything in a quick and safe manner.  I have written about boiling eggs that always peel without effort.  I have written about making pasta dishes with dry pasta.  There is no need to pre-cook the noodles. Mac and cheese is very good.   If you search for recipes on this blog, you can find a few more. 

Yesterday I tried something new.  I made a New York cheesecake in my pressure cooker.  I have made cheesecake in my oven, but this was a new experience.  It was about the same process but in less time without heating the oven.  I used a recipe from This Old Gal.  She has a webpage and a facebook page dedicated to pressure cooking.  She also has an air fryer page which has helpful recipes.  I am just posting her website because she is very strict about posting her recipes without her permission.

I have a six quart pressure cooker so I had to find a pan that fit.  I ended up with a six inch pan.  I think it makes the perfect size cheesecake.  The best part is that it only takes two 8-ounce blocks of cream cheese.  Some cheesecakes take many more.  Here is the final product.  It tastes very good and wasn't hard to make.  This Old Gal has recipes for many other flavors which I need to try.

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