Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ripon High School Musical

I see it is 36 days until Spring.  It can't come too soon for me.  I saw on the calendar that the bluebirds returned to us in the middle of March last year.  Seeing them would be a good sign.  Another good sign of Spring is high school theater performances.  Last night we attended the Sound of Music put on by our grandson's high school.  As usual, it was fantastic.  To get all these kids to put in hours and hours of practice time is amazing, and it definitely paid off.  The program said they practiced 127 hours. 

I think almost everyone has seen the Sound of Music at one time or another, but it always reminds us that love and putting others first is the way it should be.

Last fall were the tryouts.  Our grandson Dylan tried out and got the part of nearly eleven year old Kurt Von Trapp.  Little did he know that from the time he got the part until now, he would grow several inches and his voice would change.  He no longer sounds like an eleven year old, but more like a man.  In spite of the challenge, he played the part beautifully.

This is Dylan as Kurt Von Trapp.

Not only did the actors put in a lot of work, so did all the support people from the lighting and sound to all the pit band players and everyone involved with the set design and costumes.  There were 96 costume changes in this production.

Some of the children learning Do-Re-Mi from Maria

Uncle Max trying to teach the children to sing while the Captain and Maria are on their honeymoon.

The Von Trapp family in the contest before the family made their escape.

Ewan was so proud of his brother, he went to two of the performances.  He knows all the words and I'm sure he will remember this for a long time.  Brotherly love between these two is the sweetest thing.

Ewan and Dylan.

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