Monday, March 30, 2020

A Tenth Birthday Party To Remember

Every generation has its struggles with famine, wars and terrorism, but who would have thought that a virus that mutated from an animal would bring the world to its knees.  We don't know how long this will last and I suspect we will never approach door handles, key pads or shopping carts the same.  My family has been very careful.  We distanced ourselves from each other early on.  Our daughters both work in hospitals, and they were especially careful to protect my husband and me.  We have not even been to a grocery store for almost three weeks.  I'm not convinced grocery stores are that safe.  People will say that they are staying safe at home except for going to the grocery store.  It's like being on a cruise ship with food to catch all the particles floating around in the air.  I got my first grocery delivery today but before I brought it in the house, I wiped down everything including the plastic bags.  You may laugh and think I'm crazy, and maybe I am.....but it can't hurt.

Every year we have a traditional St. Patrick's Day celebration at our home.  We postponed that until later.  It was a disappointment but the hardest to miss is our youngest grandsons tenth birthday.  Tomorrow is actually his birthday, but today was a beautiful day for a drive.  We drove out to their house with his present.  We drove up to the front of the house.  I got out and put his gift on the porch.  Then I got back in the truck and let them know we were outside.  They came outside, got some chairs and we actually got to talk in person while keeping a safe distance. 

Since there would be no family party and because we were already sitting in the driveway, Ewan got to open his present a day early.

Any one who has read about or met our youngest grandchild knows he is an outdoor kid.  I always tease that he will be like Grizzly Adams.  He will be a Mountain Man or a Cowboy.  He has wanted cowboy boots in the worst way.  Most kids who are ten years old have out grown that but not Ewan.  So what do you think we got him?  Real leather authentic Cowboy boots.  When he saw the box, he thought it was a big puzzle.

I think he liked them.  Hopefully he won't out grow them too soon.  Next thing you know he will want a horse, but that won't be coming from this set of grandparents.  For now, he will just have to ride his pretend horse.

 Happy Tenth Birthday Ewan.  If nothing else, it will be one you will remember. 

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