Saturday, May 25, 2013

Can We Pull Off A Garage Sale?

Dad watching us trying to get the garage ready for a sale.

We have come to the end of an era.  Our grandchildren are getting older, and it's time to get rid of all the baby toys we have had at our house for many years.  The two youngest still like to go down and dig out all the old toys, but the older three are beyond that.  We are going to have a garage sale at some point this summer.  It's a good chance to get rid of some things that I didn't even know we had until my husband started sorting through things.  The funniest thing was that he found a ViewMaster case with discs inside and a ViewMaster.  Remember those?  My youngest grandson still likes them so I paid over $10 to buy a case for his birthday and we had one all along.  Oh well, now he has two.

As far as the garage sale goes, who knows if we can pull that together.  My mother loved having sales.  We said she would have sold us if anyone made a good offer.  As soon as that cash started coming in, she started digging for more things to sell.

So as of now, we have moved the car outside and have started putting the toys out in the garage.  As we find things to eliminate, we will put them in the garage.  At some point, we will have a sale, or I will call someone to come and pick it all up.  I wish I could hire someone to come in, mark it all and sell the stuff.  I would even share the profits 50/50.  That is what we did when my parents moved from their house.  The family took what they wanted and we left the rest.  We found a small business in central Wisconsin who came into the house and completely cleaned the whole place.  They sold what could be sold, they gave away some things and trashed the rest.  They split the profits with us, and they did all the work.  It was a great deal for everyone.

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  1. What a sweet find! View Masters provided a different taste of entertainment back in the days. And knowing and seeing that the younger generation gets to enjoy this gadget is such a good feeling. The models may have changed but the entertainment it provides stays the same. Here's to more years of enjoying the View Master!